Raising Swmimers

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The Miracle Marc Foundation was created to respond to a national crisis and epidemic drownings. Our goal is to raise awareness about water safety and provide resources to prevent the 2nd leading cause of death of young people between the ages of one and five.

Our Mission

Baby Swimming Class

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under 5

Swimming Lesson Scholarships 

One of the guiding principles is to share the life-saving message of learn-to-swim with every community in the state. In order to reach the widest audience possible, the Miracle Marc Foundation partners with swim lesson providers across the region who are willing to promote water safety education to their communities and/or provide scholarships for children to participate in their swim lesson programs. 

Flotation Devices 

Once a year we donate life jackets to swimming pools and Camps to prevent drowning. 



Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death in children. In 2006, fatal drowning claimed the lives of approximately 1100 US children younger than 20 years. A number of strategies are available to prevent these tragedies. As ​educators and advocates, pediatricians can play an important role in the prevention of drowning.

The Miracle Marc Foundation mission is to raise awareness about water safety, provide support to families to access swimming lessons,  and most importantly, advocate for change of legislation and policy. Our mandate will be that, “the rates in child drowning decrease in the next decade.”  

Donate Today 

Every child deserves a chance to be safe. You can help make that possible with just a small donation. Learn more about all the other ways to give as well.


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